The Resilient Advisor

Business Keynotes & Workshops

How can financial advisors succeed in this hyper-competitive market? Successful advisors implement resilient systems that turn their practice into a business.

Jay Coulter, CFP®, CIMA® has designed and implemented custom practice management and business development systems for financial advisors, teams and firms across the country. His systems enhance profitability and create capacity for business growth. 

Jay has proven that his systems help financial advisors build confidence in themselves, their business and generate organic business growth.

His clients work at the major wirehouses, independent broker-dealers, insurance companies and RIA's. He delivers his programs though Business Keynotes, Consulting Engagements and Workshops. 

Keynote: Five Steps To A Resilient Advisory Business - How to implement systems that turn your advisory practice into an automated advisory business. 

Most financial advisors are overwhelmed, overworked and not growing organically. A large percentage of advisors are not happy with their business today. 


In Jay's role as a practice management consultant, he and his team get to model what top-performing financial advisors do that optimize their business, reduce workloads and drive results. 

Success Requires Systems - Attendees learn how top-performing financial advisors, teams, and firms implement customized business systems in 3 core areas: Client Service, Investment Management, and Business Development. Once implemented, financial advisors become the CEO of their business and are able to establish a personal brand that is distinguished from the competition.   


Actionable Systems - After the presentation, attendees will be empowered to build their own customized systems. Attendees will have free access to key tools, templates and training videos that will empower the advisor to implement the systems that build a resilient advisory business!



Follow-up Resources For Attendees:


  • Kolbe A Assesment Review (Complimentary) 

  • RC Whatley 50 & 5 Book Analysis (Complimentary)

  • Client Service Matrix Template & Training Video

  • LinkedIn Training Videos from Pinger Systems

  • Digital Lead Generation Training (Video)

  • 30 day trial of the Digital Sales & Marketing System from Pinger Systems


Building Better Financial Advisors

Workshop: Connect & Influence - How To Build A Digital Sales & Marketing System To Generate Leads, Stay Connected And Grow Your Professional Network

In the Connect & Influence workshop, financial advisors learn how to build a simple system that will help them stay connected with key contacts while growing their professional network.


Key takeaways include:

  • Why professionals need a SYSTEM to stay connected

  • Why 'Social Selling' is a myth.....but a Digital Footprint is critical to your business

  • How to stay connected with key people in your professional network

    • The Key 150 Contact Segmentation System

    • The Binary Cycle

    • How to run a Digital Supernova campaign to jumpstart your marketing

  • How to become an authority and thought leader in their market

  • A simple process for social media integration for those how don't care for social media.

  • How to apply key scientifically valid influence techniques to your digital networking efforts

This is the system Jay used to build a large network of over 200,000 social media followers, a podcast following with listeners in over 90 countries and helped him sell books all over the world. 

THE LEARNING CONTINUES AFTER THE WORKSHOP: Each workshop attendee receives a free 30 day trial of the Digital Sales & Marketing System from Pinger Systems. 


Each attendee is also given access to a robust suite training modules from Pinger Systems. The video series teaches, step by step, how to build a custom Pinger System to enhance professional networking efforts, build influence and connect with the right professionals.


This includes modules on:

  • How To Build A Free Pinger System With Outlook

  • Center of Influence Marketing Systems

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization 

  • LinkedIn Connection Strategies

  • LinkedIn Influence Strategies 

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (User Strategies)

 Books By Jay Coulter

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