The first step of the consulting engagement is to take a critical assessment of you and your team. Where do you want to go and what human capital do you have to obtain your professional goals? We leverage three time-tested tools to provide a 360-degree view of your human capital.  

Whatley Goal Setting

Experience has taught us that the best outcomes are driven by a clear vision of the future.  This exercise sets the framework for your bigger future and a goal-based framework for obtaining it in a systematic process. 

Kolbe A Assesment

Discover how you and your team naturally solve problems, work and communicate. Backed by 35 years of research, this simple 36 question assessment will help ensure that you have your human capital correctly allocated. 

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CliftonStrengths Assesment

Research indicates that your greatest room for overall personal and professional improvement isn't where you're weakest, but rather where you're strongest.  The CliftonStrengths Assesment will help define the 5 areas of your greatest ability.  This is used to help us customize your business so that you are leveraging your strengths every day while empowering your team to take care of the work that they are best suited to handle.