Raymond James has rolled out a new robust CRM system to their advisors that has some unique processes that will have a dramatic impact on.....


Most financial advisors are not 100% confident in the way they are serving their clients. This sometimes overwhelming concern slows down business growth as it is difficult to bring in new clients if you do not feel like you are taking care of your existing ones! 


The solution to this problem is to implement a customized Client Experience System where an advisor knows precisely when they are touching each client. Here is our process: 



   1. Clients are granularly segmented using the Business Capital Analysis Tool


   2. A customized Touchpoint Mangement System is established for the business. 


   3. The system is implemented on the technology platform that best serves the business. 


   4. A New Client Experience Process is established to onboard new clients with a level of service that helps establish you and your business as highly professional and easy to refer friends. 



Once your Client Experience System is in place, you will know that your clients are all being served at the highest appropriate level and you will find more capacity for organic business growth.