Connect & Influence

How do sales professionals succeed in a hyper-competitive market? 

In the Connect & Influence keynote presentation, attendees learn how to build a simple system that will help them stay connected with key contacts while growing their professional network.


Key takeaways include:​

This is the system Jay used to build a large network of over 175,000 social media followers, a podcast following with listeners in over 90 countries and helped him sell books all over the world. ​​

  • Why professionals need a SYSTEM to stay connected

  • How to stay connected with key people in your professional network

    • The 5 - 150 - 2000 Contact Segmentation System

    • The Rule of Four Contact System

  • How to become an authority and thought leader in their market

  • Why 'Social Selling' is a myth.....but you need to be on social media

  • A simple process for social media integration (even if you don't like social media!)

  • How to apply key scientifically valid influence techniques​ to any networking efforts

​THE LEARNING CONTINUES AFTER THE KEYNOTE: Each attendee is given access to a robust suite training modules from Pinger Systems. The video series teaches, step by step, how  build a custom Pinger System to enhance professional networking efforts, build influence and connect with the right professionals.


This includes modules on:​

  • How To Build A Free Pinger System With Outlook

  • Center of Influence Marketing Systems

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization 

  • LinkedIn Connection Strategies

  • LinkedIn Influence Strategies 

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (User Strategies)

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